Photograph by  Julie Vola

Photograph by Julie Vola

Hello! I'm Mary. 

Creativity has guided me throughout my life. As a young girl, I was always making things: Barbie cakes, bamboo forts, sand castles. In college, I invented classes with twists on conventional themes. I even managed to find a spark of creativity in my corporate work before choosing another path.

Today that path is Traditional Chinese Medicine. After two years in Hanoi where I taught about creativity, volunteered, and developed an organization for trailing partners, I begin my studies of acupuncture and qigong at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. (There is a forthcoming essay on how I ended up in medicine and how it relates to creativity.)

When I’m not making something or writing, I can be found outdoors or with my nose buried in a book.

I would be HONORED if you supported my creative work by checking out Coucou Postale or by making a donation. Thanks for letting me inspire and uplift you!