Hello! I'm Mary. 

Since I was a little girl, I was always making things: Barbie cakes, bamboo forts, sand castles. In college, I invented classes with twists on conventional themes. Later in corporate roles, I developed new approaches to engagement. No matter my role, at my core has always been an unwavering drive to connect with creativity. That is why this place is here, resurrected and refined to reflect where I am now.

Although I've lived in 19 different homes as a single lady, today I'm making home with my husband, a kindergarten teacher, in Hanoi, Vietnam. We are still figuring out where we'll put down permanent roots, but that's o.k. Both of us have gotten pretty good at making home wherever we are in the world.

Creativity has been a substantial part of my life whether I was in bookselling, brand strategy, and now wellness. When I’m not drawing or writing, I teach about creativity and flow, study Traditional Chinese Medicine and qigong (lots of flow going on there!), and horde Western spices. I also spend a lot of time with my friend Vinh, who I met through Blue Dragon, a youth rescue group in Vietnam.

I would be HONORED if you supported my creative work by purchasing prints and other things I make via my shop so I can continue to inspire and uplift you!