Creating Space


One of the hardest things about working from a home studio is all the distractions. Despite having no children, a housekeeper, and the ability to order goods by flicking a finger, distraction abounds.

When I began practicing yoga my teacher taught me the phrase, "We can always find an excuse to avoid the mat."  We know yoga makes us feel good and that it's beneficial to our health, but yet we continue to relegate our mats to the corner of a room. We'll get back to it, we tell ourselves, and let the distractions take over. 

Art is the same way. Paper slumbers in a drawer until we rouse it with pen or paintbrush. I know that every time I finish something (whether writing, drawing or cooking), I feel complete. I'm not alone. So why do we find an excuse to avoid the mat of our creativity? 

Creativity is meandering, if not unlike an ebbing river. There were times when I was bold and brave with my art, making all the moves. There were art shows and publications, debuts and buzz. Then things changed,  corporate hierarchy trumped artistic pursuits. I wrote in secret and even considered having a pen name for a while. Years later, marriage and an unfamiliar country forced me back into the wave of creativity I'm currently riding.

Recently, I've begun work on an illustrated story about the life of a girl who uses her mind to overcome the day-to-day struggle with disability in Vietnam. It's a turn in my creative life I would have never expected. It's a challenge at times I feel too incapable to complete, but one that I will because it is a gift. 

Mary Warner