For some reason, home has always been the thing I've been chasing. From Florida to Mississippi, London to Atlanta, Los Angeles to New England, I hoped one of these places would feel like home to me. At the time, none of them did. 

If you know me, I've probably asked you, "What does home mean to you?" because maybe, just maybe, I thought you had some secret about this elusive world to share with me. But after 19 moves in 6 different places, what I've realized is that home is always of our own making — from the connections we make to the memories we share -- home is something not that you carry on your back, but what's nurtured you.

Coucou Home is a collection of my creative work — some of which will be available for purchase — which is rooted in my search for home. Whether through the lens of Contessa, my flower work or writing, you'll experience the places that have nurtured me. It's also the place where I am brutally honest about balancing a creative life with the realities of making a living or taking care of myself and my family.

So welcome, make yourself at home in my Coucou Home. 


Mary Warner