creativity - openness - understanding

Coucou Home began as a place to explore how home nurtures us. What I learned along the way is that the happiest homes foster creativity, openness, and understanding.

We all know why openness and understanding matters, but what about creativity? For me, it’s how I connect with the divine, but it’s also provided me with a solid foundation upon which I’ve built my life. The fact is that more creativity also leads to fresh perspectives, deeper connections, and more joy.

Today, I am 10,000 miles away from everything I know. What I’ve found is that being open and trying to understand—even when things don’t make sense—has helped me grow. This is a lesson we can apply anywhere in the world.

I’ve revised Coucou Home as a place to share my creative work but also experiences abroad and with exchanges with other creative people to offer a new perspective, to bring you joy, and maybe even connect. I promise to be honest, to paint portraits that shine with truth both in words and in images.

Welcome to Coucou Home!